Today`s Adolescent Promiscuity


In the current  of globalization era everything has become more sophisticated starting from technology to educational system. However ironically many teenagers abuse it all. One of it is the teenagers relationship that is not control and ineresingly free due to technology, so that many the foreign culture especially western culture has come and it is not suitable with our culture in this country.

At this time, the freedom to get along with teenagers today is very dangerous. They have done negative attitude like is free sex, drinking alkohol and the other bad habbit in public places regardless of the surrounding their sociaty. Many cases that arise as a result of youth relationship increasing from year to years there are many various defiant behavior among the teenagers such as fighting, drinking alkohol bullying, and free sex.

Adolescent is a time when someone start entering puberty. It is a process where someone looks for and find their identity, they like trying a new thing in them, therefore , the teenagers tend to be anti-criticism and defiant. Thats why they can easily fall into promiscuity. That is caused by several facturs. Including environment, education, association with friends and with in the family it self.

The parents and the teachers in school have an importance role to make their child and their student characteristic. However in this day many students that are not to have time to gather with their family because of their own busy life. As we know that the role of parents in family is very important to control their chidrents everytime. The teenagers need more attention and assistance in living their lives so that they can be good persone and they will not do defiant behavior. Beside that, the the teenagers need a consultan to help solve their problem too.

Exactly adolescent promiscuity does not fully have negative impact. It is depent on how the teenagers it self. One of the positive impact to adolescent promiscuity is that they have many friends and they can know many peoples who has different character. Beside that, they can get many experiences so that, it can make a good personality. Because of their are to be a good person they can socialize well and to be usefull in their environment.

The other side, the adolescent promiscuity has negative impact to the teenagers now. Such as, they don`t have spirit to study hard, they influence the negative effect of technology, drinks alkohol, free sex and bad behavior to the elder. The association of adolescent today causes more negative effect even many teenagers argue that feel enjoy and comfort to do this.

Based on the reason above, we are as a teenagers must try to avoid that. The way at it is to strengthen our faith and improve our religion knowledge, it is very important to us because with the faith we will be a good person. Beside that, we can till our spare time by reading and doing positive thing instead to be lazy. Looking for friend wich can change our selves into a better person than before, take time to gather with family to be more familiar with parents for a while. So care your self and think about your future because we are living for the bright future.

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